Fri, 09/11/2018

1.      Choose language You can choose language: English or Khmer If you choose English, click
If you choose Khmer, click2.png2.      RegisterEnjoy many privileges and synchronize music libraries on many different devices (PC, Mobile, Tablet), you should register one of the packages of services charges. Register on website, you choose Register on menu  3.png
You declare information  personal fully  as required on website, after click button “Next”3.      Login To fully use the features of the website , you should log in before performing operations 5.png
Enter your name or number phone and password, after click button “ Log in”Additionally , you can “Log in” by Facebook or Google. 4.      Watch content on the home page Access website Imuzik 3G Metfone, you use any one web browser and access address: 5.      Watch chart on the home page To watch chart of songs, video, album had been many people listen, watch in days, week, month, you click “Chart” 6.png
 - Or menu to the right 7.png
 6.      Watch Album on the home page To watch list album Hot/New, you click Hot/New.  8.png
If you want watch more click ALBUM 
7.      Watch Album on the home pageTo watch list video Hot/New you click Hot/New 10.png
If you want watch more click VIDEO
Or watch at VIDEO PLAYLIST featured video  was created daily
8.      Watch Songs on the home page To listent list songs you can choose: NEW SONG or TOP SONG13.png
9.      SeachTo find content on website, you enter key word 14.png
 The system will quick hint some content related to key word. You want watch content hint, you click this content. If you want watch all resuilt, click emblem or Enter.